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Product Features

AI Recruitment


AI Powered Recruitment

Elevate your hiring strategy with Justlogin’s innovative recruitment system, integrating the power of ChatGPT for smarter, faster, and more effective talent acquisition.

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Automated Resume Parsing

Efficiently extract and organize essential candidate information from resumes, simplifying and accelerating the recruitment process.

AI Candidate Ranking

Optimize recruitment by leveraging advanced algorithms to assess and rank candidates based on their qualifications, experience, and suitability for the job, enabling smarter hiring decisions.

AI - Based Candidate Comparison

Evaluate and compare candidates objectively by analyzing key attributes, skills, and qualifications, facilitating informed and efficient hiring choices.

AI Recommended Job Description

Create tailored, compelling job descriptions that attract the right candidates by analyzing industry trends, skills, and company preferences, streamlining the hiring process for optimal talent acquisition.

AI Generated Interview Questions

Questions tailored to each job, ensuring a comprehensive assessment based on the job requirements, to optimize the interview process.

AI Generated Candidate Summary

Easily generate a brief and structured overview of a candidate's entire profile in one paragraph.

Other Features


Flexible Job Openings

With a range of flexible job openings, allowing candidates to choose positions that align with their preferences, skills, and desired work arrangements, fostering a dynamic and accommodating workplace.


Audits & Reports

Comprehensive audits and reports provide actionable insights and analysis, facilitating data-driven decision-making for optimized operations and compliance within the organization.

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Flexible Candidate Journey

Ensure a personalized and adaptable recruitment experience, tailoring interactions and processes to meet individual candidate preferences and needs, enhancing engagement and satisfaction throughout the hiring process.


Powerful Candidate Sourcing

Leverage advanced AI algorithms to effectively and efficiently identify and attract top talent from diverse sources, enabling organizations to build a robust talent pipeline for their hiring needs.

The Employee-First HR Platform​

Fully Integrated Payroll Software​

JustLogin is more than just payroll. Our complete HR platform is fully integrated for the best experience.



Reduce up to 90% of your time running payroll. Fully-compliant with the latest regulations and integrated with your favourite accounting software.

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Say goodbye to physical receipts. Simply snap, scan and send your expense claims through your mobile app, reducing claims discrepancies and approve claims in one click.

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Fully automate your leave flows and enjoy the convenience of automatic statutory entitlements, shared leave calendars and reduce time spent waiting for leave approval.

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Say goodbye to paperwork and focus on people. Organise your employee data and documents securely on the cloud with JustLogin.

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Introducing Benefit, an all-in-one benefits administration software designed to make managing employee benefits, eligibility and claims easier than ever.

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Manage your employees' attendance on multiple worksites accurately and on-the-go. Schedule multiple shifts, calculate hours and overtime and generate digital timesheets.

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