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Product Features




Flexible Leave Management

Everyone takes time off.

Our mobile-centric leave software makes leave management accessible when you need it.

Mobile App

Personal leave dashboard gives you a quick overview of you and your team’s leave status. Apply leave and approve leave quickly on the go.

Approval Flow

Easily assign approval officers for each employee for up to two levels of approval. Leave applications will flow seamlessly through the approval levels automatically.


Leave Compliance

Leave compliance has never been simpler. Employees are automatically assigned their public holiday and childcare leave entitlements based on statutory regulations.

Shared Calendars

See who’s in and out of action at a glance with shared leave calendars.

Configure Leave Policies Your Way

Set up your leave system based on what works for you – create your own leave types, work weeks and entitlement policies. We provide the flexibility you need.


Automatic Entitlement Policy

Create your own policy to automatically adjust annual leave entitlement for each employee based on their job grade and years of service.


Custom Leave Types

Create your own leave types and holidays easily in the system and assign them to employees.


Custom Work Weeks

Set up multiple work weeks for different employees.


Apply Leave in Hours

You can apply leave in days, half days or even hours for maximum flexibility.


Leave Expiry Date

Assign leave with expiry dates and set up email alerts to let employees know when their leave is expiring soon.


Leave Reports

Flexible leave reports by leave types, leave status, departments and even individual employees.

Other Features


Off-in-Lieu Request For Overtime

Employees can request for leave adjustments in-lieu of overtime hours worked subject to approval from their respective managers.


Leave Proration

Employees leaving the organisation can have their leave entitlements prorated automatically according to their cessation date.


Leave Encashment

Encash leave easily with integration to Payroll for encashment calculation based on salary.


Carry Forward Leave

Choose from several policies for carry forward leave to decide the amount of leave employees can carry forward and their expiry dates. Once set up, leave balance transfer can happen automatically.


No-Pay Leave

Approved no-pay leave can be transferred into Payroll with a click for calculation of no-pay leave pay deduction.


Sync with Google and Outlook Calendars

Easily view your leave calendars directly from your Google or Outlook calendars.

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