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Product Features



Integrated Payroll Software

Our fully-integrated and feature-rich payroll software makes payroll processing painless.


Fully Compliant

Easily generate and submit SSB files to comply with statutory regulations.

Generate Bank Files

Generate ready-for-import bank files for fuss-free payroll payments to your employees.

Seamless Integration

Seamlessly syncs across all our applications, so you won’t need to worry with manual data entry any longer.

Sync to Accounting

Sync your payroll data with one of our accounting app partners - Xero or QuickBooks Online .

Always be Compliant

We take the pain out of payroll with inbuilt compliance features in accordance with government regulations so you can rest assured that you’re doing payroll right.


Tax Forms

Automatically generate Form 15 & Form 16 files pre-populated with your employee payroll information.


SSB Calculations

Our payroll software automatically calculates SSB and mandatory contributions for each employee, and also generates the relevant files for submission.


Always Up-To-Date

The contribution rate and other policy changes are constantly updated, so you won’t have to worry about keeping up with statutory regulations.

Other Features


Unlimited Custom Pay Elements

Create as many payroll items as you need. Just choose whether it’s an allowance, deduction, or reimbursement.


Multiple Payroll Schedules

Pay different employees on different schedules with both monthly and fortnightly pay run options. Ad-hoc runs can be used for bonuses, back pay or other one-off payments.


Control Who Has Access

Control who sees what to ensure privacy and security. Differentiate staff who need access to sensitive pay information and assign specific staff to administer payroll for different groups of employees.


All The Reports You Need

We’ve compiled over 20 different reports to help you review and compare a wide variety of payroll data for your business.


Calculate Overtime Payments

Overtime hours can be automatically transferred from Clock or manually entered for overtime pay calculations according to statutory regulations or your own policy, with configurable overtime pay rates.


Leave Deduction and Encashment

Calculate no-pay leave deductions automatically when no-pay leave is consumed on JustLogin. Unutilised leave encashment can also be automatically calculated according to employees’ pay.


Payslips On The Go

Employees can view and download their approved itemised payslips from their mobile app or online portal. You no longer have to distribute physical payslips.


Mass Update Employee Pay Details

Update pay details for multiple employees in one go on JustLogin or simply import the details from your spreadsheet - major time saver.

Payroll Integrations

Automatically sync your payroll data to your favourite accounting software – Xero or QuickBooks Online. Payroll is also integrated with CardUp and Reap to allow payroll payments via credit card.

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