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Product Features


Onboarding and Offboarding


Enhance the Onboarding and Offboarding Experiences

Simplify the way you handle employee transitions, making both onboarding and offboarding processes seamless and efficient.

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Define distinct categories or groups, detailing specific tasks or objectives, and assigning responsible owners or individuals for efficient delegation and execution.


Identify newly hired staff and initiating their onboarding tasks and activities based on their respective job categories or roles within the organization.


Update task statuses, assessing the overall progress, and engaging in necessary follow-ups to ensure timely and successful completion.

Systematic Onboarding and Offboarding Features


Easily Configure and Assign Tasks

Simplify task management by effortlessly configuring and assigning onboarding and offboarding tasks to employees. Customize the process to match your unique needs.

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Task Categorization for Organization

Ensure a well-organized onboarding/offboarding journey by categorizing tasks. This feature allows you to structure and manage tasks efficiently.

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Task Ownership Assignment

Assign ownership of tasks to the right individuals. Clearly define responsibilities and accountability for a smooth transition.


Progress Monitoring

Stay in the know about the progress of onboarding/offboarding tasks. Keep track of task completion and overall process status.


Email Notification

Employees will receive email notifications as tasks are assigned to them. This feature keeps everyone informed and engaged, promoting a timely and efficient onboarding/offboarding experience.


Comprehensive Dashboard View

Access a centralized dashboard for a complete overview of your onboarding and offboarding processes, including to-do lists, employee task progress tracking, and company-wide task visibility.

The Employee-First HR Platform​

Fully Integrated Payroll Software​

JustLogin is more than just payroll. Our complete HR platform is fully integrated for the best experience.



Reduce up to 90% of your time running payroll. Fully-compliant with the latest regulations and integrated with your favourite accounting software.

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Say goodbye to physical receipts. Simply snap, scan and send your expense claims through your mobile app, reducing claims discrepancies and approve claims in one click.

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Fully automate your leave flows and enjoy the convenience of automatic statutory entitlements, shared leave calendars and reduce time spent waiting for leave approval.

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Say goodbye to paperwork and focus on people. Organise your employee data and documents securely on the cloud with JustLogin.

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Introducing Benefit, an all-in-one benefits administration software designed to make managing employee benefits, eligibility and claims easier than ever.

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Manage your employees' attendance on multiple worksites accurately and on-the-go. Schedule multiple shifts, calculate hours and overtime and generate digital timesheets.

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