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Product Features



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HRMS That Brings Your People Data Together

Spend your time on people, not paperwork. Organise your employee data and documents securely on the cloud with JustLogin.



Employee Data

Store all your employee data securely and allow employees to easily make changes to their own personal information without access to other sensitive data in their file like manager notes.


Employee Self-Service

Employees can edit their own information in the system based on access rights accorded to them. Access can also be set to allow edits with approval, so administrators will always be aware of updates to employee data.



Automated notifications for birthdays, probation notices or when someone’s work pass needs to be renewed. Always be on top of the important dates. It’s that simple.


Email Letter Templates

Set up email templates for common scenarios like onboarding and termination and easily send out personalised emails to employees with merge tags to automatically populate employee information like name and important dates.


Access Control

Set up precise access control to determine who can see and edit what data to ensure sensitive data will remain protected.


People Integrations

Integrate JustLogin with performance management and recruitment apps like Synergita and RecruiterPal, so you can easily manage your end-to-end HR processes.

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